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I cannot overstate how much my son actually enjoys working for hours with Pam.  In addition to her knowledge of different schools, Pam also has an expertise in the athletic recruitment process.  She is incredibly proficient in leveraging a given student's skills on the athletic recruitment track through usage of social media and other online platforms. I have no doubt that Pam could leverage other unique skills, talents and passions that students enjoy such as the arts and philanthropy, in addition to athletics. Pam is concerned about identifying the best-fit school environment for a student to succeed and be happy.

Randi Curhan, mother of Jake Curhan

Pam helped me a lot in recruiting for football.  Even if you have talent, you need to get in front of the right people. She helped show me how to put myself out there leading to 13 D1A/D1AA offers.

Jake Curhan, Offensive Tackle Seattle Seahawks

Pam is the best of the best.  She has helped me throughout my years in school, whether that be applying to colleges, emailing college coaches, and most recently applying to vet school. She knows the ins and outs of the college process and can find the perfect school that checks all the boxes. I am always amazed by the connection and resources she has available to her that serve to help students with the college process. Not only is she a master in college admissions but she is an even greater person and only wants the best for her clients.  I have recommended Pam to my family and friends and she has helped them and myself immensely!

Zoe Stachowski, Cal Poly Women's basketball

I was so nervous about the whole college process, but Pam really helped to make it as calm and exciting as possible. I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go.  She helped me look into many different school in the US and abroad.  I ended up in Scotland and could not be happier.  I don't know how I would have done it without her help.

Olivia Philips, University of St. Andrews

Testimonials: Testimonials

During the first meeting my son had with Pam we could tell she was a great fit.  Immediately Pam began getting to know him and frankly coached him to discover many things about himself... John quickly developed trust in Pam's judgment and perspective because it was obvious to him that she was personally invested in his success. She got to know him so well!

Pam communicated with him often, came to some of his games, and gave him feedback and encouragement on his academic progress. John was always enthused about letting her know how he was doing and looked forward to their meetings. She was the first person he wanted to call when he had news.  How great is that? Pam also coached John on all his written and verbal contacts with coaches and we believe that changed everything for John. Her advice was right on the mark. John is blessed to be playing ball at his first choice school in the fall.

When I mentioned I was writing this, John said, "Pam knows what she's talking about and gave me great advice on what was worth pursuing. She's the best."

            Anna Hanley, mom of John, Santa Clara Baseball

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